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You might have thought that yoga is only for an adult not for kids as it is all about bringing balance and sense of wellbeing and when it comes to a kid it is all opposite. Kids are always super active and very curious about everything and the yoga give it a direction. When it comes to yoga kids can be considered as a born yogi and yoga can become a medium for them to express their creativity, fear and anger in a most powerful yet effective way with yoga. Also, it makes them more disciplined increased their trust in their own abilities that they can achieve anything they want while keeping their mind and body in synchronization. Yoga is all about balance and calming effect, self-control and heightened awareness which is most advantageous for the kid as most of the kids are hyperactive and always on the roll of seeking attention.

Why it is important to introduce yoga to kids early
In today's hectic fast pacing world where not even kids are spared from the hype of competition, yoga is a way to lead them towards mindfulness and inner peace and create a harmony between their curious mind and body. Also, nowadays kids are always glued to TV or smartphones and practicing yoga will give their body a necessary movement which is great for their health. Yoga helps in improving the mood and self-regulation skills in the kids. Introduce yoga to your kids with some basic yoga pose and later introduce breathing exercises like pranayama and meditation slowly.

Here are top 5 easy yoga pose you can try out with your kids

Bridge pose
Lie down on yoga mat and bend the knee keeping the feets flat and hip-width apart. Place the arms resting beside the body. With an inhale lift the butt, lower back and upper back off the floor and try to balance the body in that position. Interlock the finger beneath the back to get the nice lift and try to keep the balance on legs and arms. Let your kid stay in the pose according to their comfort and ask them to breath slowly. With an exhale gently release from the pose. Put a bolster under your kids back if he is facing difficulty in lifting pelvis off the floor.

Benefits: Bridge pose is very easy yet an invigorating yoga poses to start off your kids' yoga practice. It open shoulder, chest and thighs and stretches and strengthen the hamstrings.

Tree pose
Begin with the pose keeping the legs, spine straight and hands hanging besides the legs. Bend your right knee and place your legs near the left inner thighs. Stretch your hands above the heads in a Namaste position. Stay in the pose and then gently holds the pose and repeat the pose with the left leg.
Tree pose will teach your kid to be strong will yet grounded, to stand tall and held head highs yet maintaining balance.

Cobra pose
Lie down on the stomach keeping your hands beside your either side of the body. Bend the elbows and place the palms near the chest on either side. Keeping the core engaged to lift the upper torso into a hooded cobra pose. Keep the chin up and pull the shoulder towards the spine and hold the pose for 15 seconds and then release.
Cobra pose is fun yoga poses for kids to practice. Apart from that it stretches and strengthen the spine and open the chest, shoulder and abdomen. Ask your kid to go slow as every kid has different flexibility.

Child pose
From tabletop, pose sit on the heels. Stretch the arms over the head and slowly with an exhale lower your upper torso and rest the forehead on the mat. Rest the arms alongside the body and chest over the knees and gently breathe. Hold the pose according to your kid comfort and release.
Child pose will help your kid to unwind and relax them.

Hero pose
From a tabletop position bend the knees and sit on the heels. Straighten the spine and place the hands over the thighs. Relax the shoulder and core and take deep breaths. Let your child hold the pose as per his/ her comfort and slowly release.
Hero pose is the best salvation for your kid weary legs and apart from that, it is the best pose to improve the digestion and stretching the spine.

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