The Top Yoga Poses For Better Sleep

If you are not getting a good night sleep then there are chances that you are ageing too fast. As you sleep your bodies regenerates itself on the cellular level and eliminate toxins from the body hence it is necessary to take at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep for your wellbeing. People who feel trouble in sleeping feels more stressed and restless the next day. According to a study people who feel trouble in sleeping are more prone to stress and anxiety.

Yoga and sleep

But don’t despair a good night sleep is in your reach. A good yoga routine before your bed helps in relaxing your nerves and helps you sleep. Regular practice of yoga helps in alleviating various ailments including insomnia too and promotes a restful sleep routine so that you can enjoy a great and restful sleep. Yoga connects you with your breath and when you hold a yoga pose feel the awareness in your body and gradually release the tension that is deep down seeping in your body. It is proven that people who are suffering from insomnia sleep better and for longer after started practicing yoga.

Here are some of the top yoga poses for better sleep

Viparita Karani

To begin with, the poses lie down on your back near the wall and roll over and rest your legs straight on to the wall. So that your body form L shape structure and try to bring your hips closer to the wall if you are feeling uncomfortable you can put a blanket beneath your lower back. Relax and focus on breath, stay in this pose for at least 30 seconds and release gently.
Viparita Karani is the best yoga pose to relax your tired legs. It also increases the blood circulation to the brain hence calm the racing mind and relieve you from stress and mild headache.
Supta badha konasana

Lie down on your yoga mat keeping your arms resting beside you. Keep your palm facing up and now bend your knees and bring the heels of the feet together. Let your knees fall freely on the sides and try to pull your soles of feet close to the pelvis according to your comfort. Close your eyes, relax your face and focus on the breath and hold this for at least 6 to 8 breath and then release.
This yoga pose gently stretches your pelvis, abdomen and reduce fatigue. It induces rest and digest phase which is best to induce a good night sleep.

Start from a tabletop position and sit on your heels. Take a deep breath and stretch your arms over your head and as you exhale bend forward from your upper torso and rest your forehead on the mat. Stretch your arms in front of you as far as possible as you rest your body on your knees. Stay in the pose as long you want and then release gently.
Practicing Balasana or child pose before your bed is the best way to unwind and relax. When our mind is full of so many thoughts it is difficult to sleep, child pose will calm your mind and help you to sleep.

Happy Baby pose
Lie down on your yoga mat with your legs stretched outward and arms resting beside you. Draw your knees towards your chest and grab your toes and pull your heels towards the ceiling. Make sure to keep your tailbone on the mat. You can also roll back and forth to give a nice massage to your spine. Stay in the pose for 30 seconds and then release.
The happy baby pose is the perfect pose to relieve any abdominal discomfort and your spine. However, this pose should be avoided by pregnant ladies.

Corpse pose
Lie down on your yoga mat with your arms resting beside you keeping your palms facing up and legs stretched outwards. Relax your entire body and let yourself loosen up. Close your eyes, relax your face and breath. Let your breath come to you naturally and let yourself relax.
Corpse pose is a yoga pose that you will find in every yoga TTC after heavy yoga practice to relax. This pose relaxes your entire body and makes you rested and sleep like a baby.

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