Top Benefits of regular practice of Pranayama

There are enormous health benefits of Pranayama. As we know pranayama is a breathing exercise which expand the Prana energy (Life Driven force) in our body. If you practice pranayama on regular basis then you can notice following pranayama benefits on your body, mind and Soul level.

Benefits of Pranayama:-

Pranayama benefits on your body:-

  • Improve immune system of your body
  • Improve texture and glow on your skin
  • Reduce sleep requirement of your body
  • High energy and motivation in life
  • Better digestion and absorption of food
  • Regulate blood pressure
  • High intake of oxygen
  • Deep and long breathing
  • Better function of different body organs
  • Good synchronization between body organs
  • Improve health of different body parts
  • Regulate Tri-Dosha (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) of body

Pranayama benefits on your mind:-

  • High concentration and focus on work
  • Less frustration, anxiety and stress
  • Better function of nervous system
  • High motivation level
  • Increase will power and determination power
  • Pull your sexual energy upward and because of that your creative and analytical skills improves
  • Reduce overthinking

Spiritual benefits of Pranayama:-

  • Make you mind peaceful and calm
  • Improve self acceptance
  • Increase your orientation towards spirituality
  • Prepare yourself for meditation
  • Open and clean the energy of Seven energy chakras of your body
  • Open your Crown Chakra so that you can get large amount of cosmic energy.

Hence, Pranayama not only enhance your physical health but also very good for your mental and spiritual health.

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