Uncommon Benefits of Practicing Yoga Nidra For Insomnia

Do you face difficulty in falling asleep? If yes, you might be suffering from insomnia. In that case, you can give Yoga Nidra for insomnia a try. But before you move on to practicing yoga Nidra for insomnia, you should know what hamper your sleep.

Thus, you can get rid of various causes of sleeplessness. This enhances the effect of yoga practice to help you feel a lot better. Let’s first learn about various causes of insomnia, sleeplessness, and other sleep issues.

Causes of Insomnia or Other Sleep Issues


Whether physical or mental, stress seeps into your mind to the deepest level. Thus, it disrupts your natural flow of hormones. Hence, you face a lot of difficulties falling asleep even if you are tired.


Something that happened in the past could be a huge cause for your sleepless nights. Furthermore, going through a traumatic situation psychologically imbalances your sleep cycles. Moreover, trauma brings past memories in front of you that disturb your mental balance.


Sometimes having medicines continuously can lead to hormonal changes. In turn, you lose appetite, sleep, and other basic human needs. Hence, over-exposure to medicines or steroids can cause insomnia, stress, heat in the body, and other issues.


If a sleeping disorder is passed on down from generations, you might find it hard to sleep. Moreover, the intensity of the situation or ailments depends on how your body reacts to different scenarios.


Allergies of any type or kind can lead to sleeplessness. Furthermore, various allergies never let your mind have adequate rest. Thus, you find it very hard to sleep no matter what you try.

Hormonal Imbalances

Different bodies react differently to changing scenarios or circumstances. Moreover, various circumstances could lead to the release of different hormones in the body. So, the flux in hormones can result in various sleeping and other issues.

Yoga Nidra For Sleep: Uncommon Benefits

Improves Sleep Cycles

Practicing various techniques of yoga Nidra for insomnia restores your sleep cycles back to their natural states. In turn, you do not have to toss and turn on your bed. Rather, your body easily falls asleep with the least possible effort.

Moreover, sleeping like a baby removes any chronic pain from your body. Thus, you live a pain-free life.

Releases Stress

As you have read above, stress is one of the causes that alter your sleep patterns. Therefore, practicing yoga helps in the release of stress-causing elements. Not just that, yoga practice flushes out anxiety and other negative entities from your mind.

Therefore, you can assume how yoga offers a vast number of benefits to sustain a harmonious life.

Removes Negative Emotions

Negativity gives birth to overthinking and other mental ailments. Further, a person falls victim to think about the bad consequences of things that put a veil over his or her imagination. Hence, you never leave the black pit of dark energy.

Yoga practice enhances positive thinking that helps you think beyond things in general or particular. Furthermore, yoga Nidra for insomnia removes baggage from your mind so that your mind can have rest.

Enhances Dopamine Levels

Various hormones are necessary for the perfect functioning of your body. These are good feeling generator hormones. But when you are indulged in negative emotions, it leads to the release of cortisol and other stress-causing hormones.

It is when you practice yoga Nidra for insomnia that dopamine and other feel-good hormones are released. That relaxes your mind such that you become calm and composed. Moreover, positive hormones enhance your overall functioning.

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Improve Intuition

Have you ever had a strong feeling about something before it actually happened? Well, guess what? That was your intuition talking to you. It means you are aligned with your gut feeling that heightens your senses.

Thus, you never feel out of sync with your body. Furthermore, better intuition saves you from any uncalled-for situations. Hence, you learn to make good decisions most of the time. That saves you from harsh experiences.

Wrap Up

Yoga Nidra for insomnia not only cures your sleep issues but also provides much-needed rest to your mind and body. It offers a conscious insight into your deep mental state that is otherwise unavailable to you.

Hence, you come face to face with various mental mechanisms to have a better understanding of yourself. Over time, yoga practice heals the sleep issues that help you live a perfectly healthy life.

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