Yoga: A Way of Life

You are at your workplace and have a lot of work to do in a very short period of time. Sounds stressful, doesn’t it? The corporate world today is moving at a very fast pace; the workload for employees is also increasing along with their salaries. But money does not always help you achieve happiness in life. Hence it becomes important to pay attention to little things in life and make sure that you are living not just a successful but a happy life too.


September is National Yoga Awareness month and the importance of Yoga is known to people all around the world. The benefits of yoga are countless and can certainly lead you to a ‘no stress’ life. While you are busy working in your office, it would not hurt you if you practice a bit of meditation and relaxation every day just to keep your mind and body relaxed. Yoga and meditation help a lot in stress reduction.

Practicing yoga every day for even 30 minutes can give you amazing results. You just have to follow it religiously every day without gaps.

  • Begin with a warm-up session of simple stretching exercises
  • Then do Surya Namaskar to help relax the mind and body
  • Perform active yoga poses to stretch deeper
  • Try different breathing exercises, Pranayam to sooth the nervous system
  • Wrap it up by meditating for 5 minutes

Even if you invest 15 minutes in a day while you are at office or at home it can do wonders for you. As you invest in stock market, invest some time to your body and mind to achieve peace and happiness.

There are a lot of advantages of practicing yoga among working professionals, we will list down the most important ones –

Neurological – The neurological aspect of our system is very important and needs attention. If a person does yoga with dedication then it helps in balancing the neurological system to a great extent and also helps in coping with the stressful lifestyle with ease.

Psychological – Our psychological level grows continuously. This growth is necessary for the brain to function properly and efficiently all the time. Our mental health is as important as the physical health. Regularly practicing yoga helps in gaining clarity of your thoughts, achieving mental peace and also developing the courage to face major challenges in life.

Creativity – We human beings are creative people and thrive on creativity all our lives. Yoga helps in churning out that hidden creativity and helps in releasing the mental blocks. Meditation also helps a lot in this as one reaches the closest to oneself and ends up knowing oneself like never before.

Intuitive – There are multiple levels of stress and we are surrounded by them in our day to day lives. In order to deal with the chaos, mental peace is extremely important. Daily practicing of yoga helps in making us fit physically, calming the mind and also releases the tension. Our intuition level increases and we are more aware of our actions.

Higher Connection –While practicing yoga or meditation we get connected to our higher self. We achieve new levels of energy and can feel it throughout our body while working or performing any activity. We also become better human beings, gaining empathy and humbleness. It helps us excel in entirety as a human being.

Awareness – Regularly practicing yoga helps in increasing the awareness level of mind and body a lot. Our instincts become stronger and we can promptly react to situations in a very effective way. We achieve a better body posture and also achieve a greater level of self-confidence.

Yoga and meditation can help in changing your life and making it better. It is advisable to initially approach a Yoga Instructor of Nimba Nature Cure Village to help you understand what all you can do with your body and then once you get hold of it, you can start practicing it on your own. In this Yoga Awareness Month, let’s pledge to make our lives better; let’s pledge to practice Yoga regularly.

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