I'm writing a book to help people get ready for meditation. Please help me by letting me know:
- Your physical problems with sitting
- if you are a teacher, problems you've noticed students having
- questions you have about sitting
- solutions you've found for all of the above.

with best wishes
Swami Saradananda

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    • The answer to both is more practice of physical yoga. Plus have a thick cushion and sit on the edge of it so that the pelvis is tilted forward.

      In my classes, every question of any kind that is asked by students can be answered by the same three words, "Practice. Practice. Practice." It is a reminder to move past the linear thinking of everyday inquiry and instead engage the holistic consciousness where all is revealed.

  • Om Swamiji. As you already know, the main obstacles to meditation are (1) a wandering mind, (2) not keeping the back straight, and (3) a tendency to analyze and judge the so-called 'progress' one is making.

    (1) It is relatively easy to focus on either a chakra or a mantra, but it is very difficult to focus on both at the same time. However, when one does focus on both, magic occurs. To paraphrase Pierre Teilhard De Chardin, when we are able focus both on a chakra and Mantra at the same time, we will discover fire for the second time in the history of the world.

    (2) A straight back is essential. If the back is not straight, then prana flow is impaired and the mood becomes more negative. It is an easy exercise to sit comfortably with the back straight and notice one's energy level and degree of positivity and openness. Then, allow the back to slump. Immediately, energy levels drop and the mood changes to negativity, fear, anger, and linear thinking.

    ((3) Often people will be discouraged because their mind wanders but this tendency to judgement should restrained. It only further complicates the matter. If a meditator notices that their mind is not focused on both a chakra and a Mantra, then they should just refocus their attention. This is to be done repeatedly, for ever, so patience is required.

    With regard to over-analyzing, people should remember that spiritual development is not a propose of addition but rather a process of subtraction. One already is That which they seek. The process of realizing this fully consists of eliminating all the content and linear thinking in our consciousness. As Rabindranath Tagore observed, "A mind all logic is like a knife all blade. It makes the hand bleed that uses it." Becoming "ONE" is an alogical process.  "Even as water becomes one with water, fire with fire, and air with air, so the mind becomes one with the Infinite Mind and thus attains final freedom." -Krishna Yajur Veda, Maitreya Upanishad 6.34.11


    Best wishes for your book project.


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