Some advice re. pain in Ilio Sacral Joint - on request of Glen Cohen:
- Nakarasana (crocodile) often helps immediately: ,
- Strengthening of buttocks is helpful: Shalabhasana (locust), inclined plane on elbows:, cat pose, side inclined plane
- Small pelvic movements, several times a day, are very good:

One has to be careful with the following asanas, which should be modified:
- In forward bends the back has to be kept straight
- In spinal twist both hip bones have to touch the floor
- Plough has to be done with strongly bent legs

You can find a full Yoga routine helpful for problems with Ilio Sacral Joint on
The explanations are in German- but photographs are International :-) Your browser might be able to translate the whole page ...

This advice is valid in most cases. Of course, a doctor should be consulted to be on the safe side.
If the patient is an advanced very flexible Yoga practicioner who masters the splits well, there is some other advice necessary.

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