In Yoga there are many kinds of meditation. And Yoga practice can be combined with meditation techniques from Buddhist, Christian and other traditions. What kind of meditation are you practicing? For how long have you been practicing this type of meditation? Share any insight.

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  • I follow this....
    (from :

    Nama (Mantra) is the Royal Road to God

    Nama is the royal road for reaching God, but we do not realise its pre-eminence without His grace. Indeed, nama-smarana(chanting of Divine name) is the supreme sadhana, vital as life itself, while the other sadhanas are of subordinate importance, like the limbs. Nama is most auspicious and sacred. Remember well that our life is in the hands of God, who is Himself in the hands of nama.
    Yoga gives contentment only while it is being practised, whereas awareness of nama gives lasting contentment. We cannot adopt the nirguna form of worship unless and until we ourselves become free from gunas. Vision of the celestial light or audition of the eternal sound, are such things not in the sphere of gunas? On the other hand, to see God as the essential element of all creation, is truly to transcend the gunas. Yoga, therefore, should be adopted in so far as it can aid in nama-smarana, but not for its own sake.
    Nama includes and transcends Yoga. All sadhanas finally culminate in nama-smarana. Visions of divine colours or light or sound are like intermediate stations which nama-smarana passes by; it takes us straight to God, the destination. Other means may show results early, but these are often transitory; the results of nama-smarana may not be noticeable early, but they will be abiding, because nama effects basic improvement. Indeed, nama smarana is the means par excellence to reach God. It consists of pure bliss; in the ecstasy of that bliss, a man will lose all individual awareness. Saint Tukaram says that his tongue became uncontrollable; that is; in the ecstasy of nama-smarana, it went on uttering nama ceaselessly, far beyond his expectation, like an unbraked vehicle rolling down a slope.
    Four persons suffering from the same disorder had varying financial means. The physician prescribed the same medicine to all, but with different “vehicles”; the poorest with the juice of tulsi leaves, the next richer with honey, the next with saffron, and the richest with musk. Similarly, nama may be sung according to the individual’s capability. It may be uttered plainly, it may be repeated with passive faith, it may be coupled with a control on basic inclinations, or remembered as the sole truth in creation; all will profit from it.

    Jai Shree Ram!!!
  • MIND.Concealeth a great and important thing.
    Yea, it containeth a secret of the kind
    That is the greatest treasure in the world.
    For what on this earth is deemed more excellent
    Than to be a Lord who ever reeketh with gold,
    And hath also a healthy body,
    Fresh and hale all his life long,
    Until the predestined time
    That cannot be overstepped by any creature.
    All this, as I have stated, clearly
    Is contained within this figure.
    Three separate shields are to be seen,
    And on them are eagle, lion, and free star.
    And painted in their very midst
    Artfully stands an imperial globe.
    Heaven and Earth in like manner
    Are also placed herein intentionally,
    And between the hands outstretched towards each other
    Are to be seen the symbols of metals.
    And in the circle surrounding the picture
    Seven words are to be found inscribed.
    Therefore I shall now tell
    What each meaneth particularly
    And then indicate without hesitation
    How it is called by name.
    Therein is a secret thing of the Wise
    In which is to be found great power.
    And how to prepare it will also
    Be described in the following:
    The three shields together indicate
    Sal, Sulphur and Mercurium.
    The Sal hath been one Corpus that
    Is the very last one in the Art.
    The Sulphur henceforth is the soul
    Without which the body can do nothing.
    Mercurius is the spirit of power,
    Holding together both body and soul,
    Therefore it is called a medium
    Since whatever is made without it hath no stability.
    For soul and body could not die
    Should spirit also be with them.
    And soul and spirit could not be
    Unless they had a body to dwell in,
    And no power had body or spirit
    If the soul did not accompany them.
    This is the meaning of the Art:
    The body giveth form and constancy,
    The soul doth dye and tinge it,
    The spirit maketh it fluid and penetrateth it.
    And therefore the Art cannot be
    In one of these three things alone.
    Nor can the greatest secret exist alone:
    It must have body, soul, and spirit.
    And now what is the fourth,
    From which the three originate,
    The same names teach thee
    And the sevenfold star in the lower shield.
    The Lion likewise by its colour and power
    Showeth its nature and its property.
    In the Eagle yellow and white are manifest.
    Mark my words well, for there is need of care:
    The imperial orb doth exhibit
    The symbol of this highest good.
    Heaven and earth, four elements,
    Fire, light, and water, are therein.
    The two hands do testify with an oath
    The right reason and the true knowledge,
    And from what roots are derived
    All of the metals and many other things.
    Now there remain only the seven words,
    Hear further what they mean:
    If thou dost now understand this well
    This knowledge shall nevermore fail thee.
    Every word standeth for a city
    Each of which hath but one gate.
    The first signifieth gold, is intentionally yellow.
    The second for fair white silver.
    The third, Mercurius, is likewise grey.
    The fourth for tin, is heaven-blue.
    The fifth for iron, is blood-red.
    The sixth for copper, is true green.
    The seventh for lead, is black as coal.
    Mark what I mean, understand me well:
    In these city gates, indeed,
    Standeth the whole ground of the Art.
    For no one city alone can effect anything,
    The others must also be close at hand.
    And as soon as the gates are closed
    One cannot enter any city.
    And if they had no gates
    Not one thing could they accomplish.
    But if these gates are close together
    A ray of light appeareth from seven colors.
    Shining very brightly together
    Their might is incomparable.
    Thou canst not find such wonders on earth,
    Wherefore hearken unto further particulars:
    Seven letters, and seven words,
    Seven cities, and seven gates,
    Seven times, and seven metals,
    Seven days, and seven ciphers.
    Whereby I mean seven herbs
    Also seven arts and seven stones.
    Therein stands every lasting art.
    Well for him who findeth this.
    If this be too hard for thee to understand
    Here me again in a few other particulars:
    Truly I reveal to thee
    Very clearly and plainly, without hatred or envy,
    How it is named with one word
    Vitriol, for him who understandeth it.
    If thou wouldst oft figure out
    This Cabbalistic way with all diligence,
    Seven and fifty in the cipher
    Thou findest figured everywhere.
    Let not the Work discourage thee,
    Understand me rightly, so shalt thou enjoy it.
    Besides that, note this fully,
    There is a water which doth not make wet.
    From it the metals are produced,
    It is frozen as hard as ice.
    A moistened dust a fuller wind doth raise,
    Wherein are all qualities.
    If thou dost not understand this,
    Then I may not name it for thee otherwise.
    Now I will instruct thee
    How it should be prepared.
    There are seven ways for this art,
    If thou neglectest any of them thou workest in vain.
    But thou must, before all things else, know
    Thou hast to succeed in purification.
    And although this be twofold,
    Thou art in need of one alone.
    The first work is freely done by it
    Without any other addition,
    Without distilling something in it,
    Simply through its putrefication.
    From all of its earthliness
    Is everything afterwards prepared.
    This first way hath two paths,
    Happy is he who goeth on the right path.
    The first extendeth through the strength of fire,
    With and in itself, note this well.
    The second extendeth further
    Until one cometh to treasure and to gain.
    This is done by dissolving,
    And again by saturating, I inform you:
    This must be undertaken first of all,
    So comest thou to the end of the fine art.
    After the whole purification hath been completed
    It will be prepared and boiled in the sun
    Or in the warm dung of its time,
    Which extendeth itself very far
    Until it becometh constant and perfect,
    And the treasure of the Wise is in it.
    The other ways are very subtle
    And many mighty one fail therein,
    For here is the purpose of the distillation
    And the sublimation of the Wise Men.
    The separation of the four elements
    Is also called by the Wise Men
    Air, water, and rectified fire.
    The earth on the ground hath mislead many,
    Having been deemed a worthless thing,
    Although all the power lieth in it.
    Some know not how to separate it
    From their Cortibus, therefore they fail.
    It was cast behind the door,
    But the Wise Man taketh it up again,
    Purifieth it snow-white and clear:
    This is the ground, I say in truth.
    But if thou dost wish to separate it,
    Note that it is of no little importance,
    For if they are not prepared
    Then you are in error, that I swear.
    Therefore thou must also have some vinegar
    Which is revealed to the Wise Men,
    Wherewith thou wilt effect the separation,
    So that nothing earthly remaineth in it any mo
    Till body and soul have to be separated,
    Otherwise called fire and earth
    And after they are thus purified,

    And thereupon followeth the mixture, observe!
    And so it cometh to a wondrous strength,
    The finished figures with the unfinished.
    And if the fire be likewise rightly controlled,
    It will be entirely perfect
    In much less time than a year.
    Now thou hast the entire way in its length
    On which are not more than two paths.
    From these one soon wandereth and goeth astray,
    Else it all standeth clear and plain.
    The one is the water of the Wise Men,
    Which is the Mercurius alone.
    The other is called a vinegar,
    And it is known only to a very few.
    And this vinegar doth circle
    Away from the philosophical iron.
    It is Lord Aes whom it makcth glad.
    Therefore they have combined so closely
    Many hundred forms and names are given
    After each hath chosen it.
    One way springeth from the true source,
    A few have worked on it for a whole year.
    But many through their art and craft
    Have shortened so long a space of time.
    And quickly is the preparation set free
    As Alchemy doth point out.
    The preparation alone
    Maketh this stone great and glorious.
    Although there is but one matter
    It lacketh nothing else.
    But when it is clarified
    Its name hath misled many.
    However, I have revealed enough to thee
    In many ways, forms, and fashions.
    There are many names; I say
    Let not thyself be misled from the true way.
    In their scriptures the Elders write
    That it is a draught, a great poison.
    Others call it a snake, a monster,
    Which is not costly anywhere.
    It is common to all men.
    Throughout the world, to rich and also to poor.
    It is the property of the metals
    Through which they conquer victoriously.
    The same is a perfection
    And setteth a golden crown upon it.
    Now the practice is completed
    For him who understandeth it and knoweth the matter.
    Only two things more are to be chosen
    Which thou wilt find by now
    If thou dost follow the right way
    And attend carefully to thy work.
    The composition is the one
    Which the Wise Men kept secret.
    The nature of the fire also hath hidden craft;
    Therefore its order is another.
    With that, one should, not deal too much
    Or else all execution is lost.
    One cannot be too subtle with it.
    As the hen hatcheth out the chick
    So also shall it be in the beginning,
    And time itself will prove it.
    For just as the fire is regulated
    Will this treasure itself be produced.
    Be industrious, constant, peaceful, and pious,
    And also ask God for His help:
    If thou dost obtain that, then always remember
    The poor and their needs.

    Si Va Ya Na Ma
    Ya Na Va Si Ma
    Ma Va Ya Na Si
    Si Ya Na Ma Va
    Va Si Ma Ya Na

    In-breath - 'So'
    Out-breath - 'Ham' (pronounced hah-m)
  • I practice Self enquiry as advocated by Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharishi. Initially, I started doing Japa and Meditation. Now I have been practising Self enquiry for the last three months.
  • I suggest you concentrate on the chakra as you have been doing. Focus on the point between the eyebrows and just behind the forehead. Try to visualise a two petalled flower there.Soon you should feel throbbing in that area. Done regularly - as I am sure you are already doing - the chakra will get activated.

    Piyush (
  • hi
    no but tickling sensation in the base chaka experienced........
  • I practice chakra meditation , focussing on the different colours associated with chakras which makes me to feel calm.
    I look forward for more guidance in this, since when i concenrate on Agna Chakra it makes me to feel like a journey in dark blue colour tuneel , chasing a small dot of light .
    I am unable to go further ................!
    Will u pl guide me further..........!
    • hi

      does the chakra area start throbbing?
  • I have been following Mahayoga with deep concentration on just two chakras - Ajna and Manipur aided by Suryabhedi and Bhastrika. Experiences are unique. Done it for a year - around 1 hour a day. Hope to increase it with addition of mudras and asanas.

    Can someone guide me a little?

    • OM

      I began meditation using Mantra which uplifts the mind. Practising also Pranayama also helped me in terms of emotional ups and downs and becoming more intouch with myself a feeling of being closer to myself. grounding my energy.. I reccomend the Chakra Meditation Book by Swami Saradananda as a guide to working with Chakra meditation., which inspired my meditation practice and gave me more understanding of the Atman. The book gives great guide to complimenting asanas for each meditation practice. there is also other tools for transformation given for health and healing.

  • I have been practizng Zen Meditation for a little over a year. I practice by myself an average ov 14 of 15 times a month for 15 to 30 minutes. I fell I'm more relaxes and more centered.
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