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Get the daily updates of latest and current yoga news , international yoga center news online. Maalaimalar is a news and feature service that focuses on providing reliable and accurate information of worldwide. World news includes Sports , Politics ,

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I sell my new Tanpura.ॐ

It is 1,33 m (german: Meter) high -in standing position-.ॐ From Bhargavan Mumbai - ABS Miraj.ॐ

Please have a look at the pictures.ॐ

I do not send it with DHL or any other service.ॐ I want to give it to you personally.ॐ


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Few words of Swami Tapovanam

Pranayama, practised without a spirit of dispassion, is just like
the control of breath practised by fishermen while diving into the
sea to catch fish.

It is impossible to exhause desires through enjoyment. So the only

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