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I am an Ascension Facilitator and presently teaching Distant and Live Ascemsion Workshop. My Teaching comprises of Genuine Photon Pleiadian Light Technology, Galactic Tranformation and Advanced Angelic Mastery that you shall work hand in hand on discovering the Divine YOU and removal of all your Heart & Soul blockages that will be hindrance for your Ascension THIS LIFE TIME.

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I had built several Hindu Temples and one Ashram in Bali when i was twice incarnation of two different Hindu High Priest in different Era 1500 AD. I have been Yogi Guru with guidance of my Teacher Lord Shiva. This Life time i am born with a Trident vein which have been bestowed by Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga. This Life time, i had been given a Cresent from Shiva and also a Chandra (Full Moon) from Goddess Durga which urge me to help others to Ascend. My Current mission is to focus on my Ascension Teaching which is currently with the support of the Divine Team of the Angels and Ascended Masters.

More about me:

My Cosmic name is: Janas'Noorell (Channeled by Kryon) Cosmic parents: Melek Metatron and Shakti (Channeled by Kryon) Origin: El'Shaddai (Channeled by Kryon) My Cosmic Father Melek Metatron: The attributes of Melek Metatron are wisdom, knowledge, courage, strength and power. Melek Metatron is the "Eye of God", the creative principle in the universe. The divine presence, God's living light of action, is expressed through Melek Metatron. Beings who were created by Melek Metatron have been teachers and guides in many incarnations. (Information given by Kryon School) My Cosmic Mother Shakti (Durga, Parvati and many other manifestations): The attributes of Shakti are softness, care, will and intention. Shakti is the bearing feminine power. She is the motherly, bearing principle of security, serene balance, and inner balance. Through love she lets healing of the spirit be experienced. Shakti is both powerful and loving. Beings who were created by Shakti were teachers and leaders in many incarnations. (Information given by Kryon School) Origin: El'Shaddai El'Shaddai El'Shaddai (Mountain of the Gods) is the divine field that is the closest to the divine Source. Human beings who were created in El'Shaddai are very great lights. (Information given by Kryon School) Pleiadian Incarnation A Pleiadian prior earthly incarnation and my Star is MAIA Lemurian Incarnation Recently discovered and my Lemurian Spiritual Journey will start in 2011. Known Earthly Incarnations Reincarnated on Earth Around 1500 AD for preserving Hinduism and Peace. Once Buddhist High Priest and Twice Hindu High Priest were recorded. First The First one was a Chinese Buddhist Priest who had achieved enlightenment at a very young age between China Yunan and border of India. (I have yet to search for more details for the temple that i had left . However being a couple of times in Yunan Province of China, really make me feel at home . I was'nt told of my past during those years when i visited.) Second In the second life time I was born in Bali as the very well known high priest, Ida Peranda Shakti Wawu Rauh, a figure which all inhabitants in around Mount Agung knew well, I built the Nine temples there where people worship of "Nawa Sangha (nine holyguides)". One of them is the current well known Mother of all Temples in Bali "Pura Besakih". "i was born as Danghyang Nirartha and was actually the son of Danghyang Semaranatha. He was a beloved Guru of the Majapahit Kings and Kingdom. Danghyang (Guru,Master) Nirartha had two children Ida Subawa (female) who is also my Sister this life time "Lady White Jhambala" and for me i was named dan Ida (means revered) Kulwan (male one). AD 1500 I was being called Peranda addressed later after i became the Jagat guru or Guru for whole island and in order to preserve Hinduism in Java i left Java Island and my Guru father.In the end the tradition of Hinduism of Java was destroyed and the kingdom was brought down. Third In the third life time as Ida peranda Sakti Manuaba born in Bali again but now as another shivaist priest who accomplished in all siddhis, this great figure left a big temple Ashram in region Tegalalang, Ubud Bali. had a direct authorization from Shiva. Present Incarnation : MY MISSION IS TO AWAKEN HUMAN TO TEACH THEM AND HELP THEM TO ASCEND via my Ascension Light Teaching. Upcoming Teaching June 2011 California/SF/Mount Shasta & Hawaii) More information coming soon.

My Favorite Quote/What inspires me:

You are your own Guru - Master and believe in awakening that Divine YOU! This is the only way for Higher Spiritual Evolvement.



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