If you are beginning to question your life, to wonder why you are here, and why certain things are happening to you, then you are ready to start looking deeper into yourself and the Universe. The fastest, most accurate way of finding your true inner voice is to meditate. Now some people have an idea of meditation as being the need to
sit in some ridiculously uncomfortable position for hours at a time - with your
legs and arms all contorted into some strange posture. But believe me, meditation is not some trick or unattainable
discipline that is only for hippies or spiritually enlightened individuals. I
really want to dispel any preconceived ideas about meditation that you may
have. Put simply, meditation is just your ability to relax and be quietly
reflective. That's it.

It doesn't matter where, how or why you meditate. It only matters that you take time to do it. For some people, sitting gazing into a fire is meditation, for others it can be working out on a machine at the gym, watching planes taking off, or even enjoying cars racing around a track. It honestly doesn't matter.
Whatever relaxes you and allows you to spend time being quiet and listening to
your inner voice is the state of meditation. Aha - you're probably realising
right about now that you meditate all the time - of course you do! It is a
natural state of our spiritual being. Daydreaming is a form of meditation.
Driving in your car is sometimes a form of meditation (you know when you arrive
at your destination and then suddenly think - how did I get here, I can't
actually remember making that turn....) It's all time when you go quiet and
take yourself inward. So you see, you have been unconsciously meditating for
years! The next step is to do it consciously.

. When you consciously meditate, what you are doing is controlling the flow of your thoughts, to your own desired outcome. This way you are going inward in order to consciously project outward, your hearts true desires. You are creating your reality. When you are able to become peaceful and still, you release all the resistance you may have to what you really want, and then the
flow of abundance can reach you much faster, and more easily. Consciously
meditating on a regular basis will give you control over your mind, your ego.
That chattering part of yourself that will consistently tell you that you need
this and that to be fulfilled and to be happy. The real truth is that you need
nothing to be fulfilled. You are already whole and beautiful, just as you are.
Knowing this, you can then bring whatever you want to yourself to enjoy, but
not be attached.That's the key!

Attachment will bring you only misery and fear. Misery as you realise that once the flush of attainment has worn off, you now desire something else to feel happy (your ego is an expert at constantly moving the boundaries, in order that you never feel fully satisfied with what you have), and fear that no matter how much you attain, it
might be taken away from you. The only thing, in this life that is permanent,
eternal and immortal is your true self - your soul.

Everything else is only temporary and illusionary. Nothing stays with us forever. We just sometimes hold onto something for a short time before it passes to someone else. That is the nature of this earthly plane. You cannot change that. The old saying "you can't take it with you when you die"
is so true!! Why spend all your time and effort accumulating and holding onto
as many material things as you can when you know this truth? By all means,
enjoy your material possessions. That is one of the great things about this
life, we can enjoy whatever we would like to enjoy if we do it with open
hearts. Enjoy your possessions but allow them to move on when they are meant to
- holding tight onto things will only block the flow of energy that works in
your reality. To increase your enjoyment and the flow of abundance to you,
release things when they have served their purpose for you, and allow them to
go. This frees the energy and then allows you to constantly receive all that
you require and more. Life is about flow. Look at the change of seasons, the
ebb and flow of tides. Everything is movement and energy.

It cannot be stopped, and if you try to stop the flow by holding tight, then you will experience pain, but you will not ultimately stop the flow. Things will leave you, or you will leave them at some stage. Just as you cannot stop the seasons from changing from Summer to Autumn and Winter to Spring. Everything is cyclical. Change is a
part of life, and the sooner we accept that and flow with it, ironically, the
sooner we will receive all our heart's true desires - and more!

Meditation ...............
I have divided the meditation into three categories.

BEGINNING- Find ten minutes per day to spend on your own, somewhere preferably where you won't be disturbed. Sit comfortably (you can lay if you wish but you run the risk of falling asleep!) Concentrate on your breathing. As your ego interrupts with little niggling thoughts (as it will) just observe the thought
and let it go. Pay no attention and try not to attach any feeling to it. Come
back again to your breathing. (You can even say to yourself.......I am
breathing in.........I am breathing out).

As you practice the above each day if possible, you will find yourself
naturally going into a deeper and deeper state of relaxation and you may wish
to extend your meditation time. l

DEEPER --Set aside 20 minutes to half an hour of time on your own. Concentrate on your breathing as above. When you feel yourself quieting, and the chattering become less intrusive, take your awareness to your heart chakra area (middle of your chest) Mentally affirm "I ask now for Divine Spirit to fill me with
love and light, and to remind me of my pure spiritual self". Feel this
area growing warm as you fill with light and love. Stay with this for as long
as you wish before bringing yourself back to the present.

The above affirmation will help keep your concentration centred on yourself and
your own divine being, through light and love. This is a feeling meditation, so
there is no need to project anything. Just be aware of what you are feeling. In
time you will easily feel love and warmth radiating from your heart chakra to
all parts of your body.

As you progress, you can then start to consciously visualise desired outcomes. I have listed a simple visualisation exercise below.


Relax as per the meditations above. When you feel deeply relaxed, imagine, in
your mind's eye your own beautiful garden. See the vibrant colours, feel the
soft breeze on your face, and hear the birds singing. Expand your garden as
much or as little as you like. After spending a few minutes in your garden,
take yourself to a beautiful, tall tree, and sit yourself down on the ground
with your back resting comfortably against the trunk. Feel your connection to
Earth, through the strong, solid roots of the tree. Directly in front of you,
imagine a tall free standing mirror. Now in your mind, formulate one true, pure
desire that you have for yourself. Look into the mirror, and see yourself
achieving this desire. See yourself living your life as already having achieved
this one wish. Notice how happy you feel. Now affirm to yourself "I am
truly blessed and grateful that I have (your wish) and I thank Divine Spirit
for providing all of my needs and desires effortlessly." Let the mirror
fade away as your desire is sent out to the Ethers. Bring yourself back to the
present moment, keeping the happy feeling with you.

When consciously meditating, it can help to set the mood with soft lighting
(candles!), incense (if it doesn't bother you) and relaxing music. Remember,
it's about what makes YOU feel comfortable, so stick with what feels good for

It can also be a good idea before you really start, to imagine yourself in a clear bubble, filled with pure white light. and your highest Spirit Guides to provide a dome of protection over you whilst you meditate. This will keep you safe, ease your mind and help to make the whole experience more comfortable for you.

When bringing yourself out of meditation, do so slowly and gently, by concentrating on feeling your physical body, and being aware of your surroundings, and the present moment. Remember to take your time to stretch at the end. Stand slowly, and drink some water before you continue with your day.

"I know that my highest self is always ready to lift me up beyond the
world I experience ..AS your consciousness raise higher dimension things start materialization start... ..
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