Hello beautiful souls

How are you today? Feeling good? Whatever you are experiencing... it will pass. Yes, time washes us down this eventful river of life, and the key is to be fully present, as we travel. And where is is our emotional state while traveling? Are we creating a higher, vibrant life today or are we digging a hole of anger and frustration?If we only knew the POWER of our emotions, our feelings set the tone for our future. I've had some crappy days, and it is not easy, shifting my misery fest into one of appreciation, of love and of good vibrations, but it must be done, because nothing goes right when I feel shitty. It tends to attract more misery. I'm all for being honest, and feeling whatever is going on, swearing, yelling, whatever needs to be done, BUT then... it's time to snap out of it and FOCUS on something that makes me feel good! Anything... Now, what can you think about, right now that lifts your spirit, that makes you feel warm and happy inside? I know you got something..... remember, you are SO important in this world. You might think not, at times, but you are a very vital part in bringing our world into a more empowered and joyful place, through your attitude, through your love, through your talent, and being willing to keep your passion alive.I honor you, my friend. Thank you for reading :-)Solvei

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