Hello Life Lovers!!

I just returned from 3 days in nature, camping by a roaring river,animals all around, bonfires,cooking on the fire, and it always hits me- Life Is So Abundant!Many walk around with heavy minds feeling and saying, "I can'tafford this, I can't afford that, there's not enough to go around". Thenews often ignites this feeling of scarcity and "not enough". Whensitting out there in nature on a rock, overlooking the most splendid colors andviews, such perfect harmony and balance, it required NO money, it isjust life revealing itself as ABUNDANCE.All feelings of "not enough"melts away.For how many thousands of years have humans lived,immersed and in harmony with nature? And for how many years have welived a life where almost everything we do involves phones, cellphones,TV, computers, wireless, software etc. I love all that stuff, itgives me an opportunity to create music in the simplest way, and toconnect with YOU, Right now :-) but please don't forget that the mediaoften thrives on drama, please don't buy into it. Know that theuniverse is abundant, look around you! The stars shine for you, seasonschange color for you, nature sings for you. It is all ours to enjoy.Please acknowledge the sounds, the smells, the feeling, the views, evenwhere you are sitting, right now, there is so much beauty! Please sendlove to your fellow human beings, and especially to yourself, for beinga good person, a strong person, reflection of the divine, a loving and important soul on thisplanet.xoxoSolveiwww.solvei-music.com
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