Urdhva Mukha Savasana is literally derived from a Sanskrit word Urdhva means upward, mukha means the face and svan translated as a dog. This yoga pose literally resembles like a dog stretching upwards hence it got this name. Urdhva Mukha Savasana is an easy back bending yoga pose that works great on the strengthening of arms, wrist and shoulder.

Urdhva Mukha Savasana is very similar to cobra pose with the only difference is that cobra pose the entire lower body touches the floor and make a deep backbend and in an upward facing dog, the entire lower body from hips and ankle does not touch the floor. This simple and easy backbend yet a powerful pose awaken the whole upper body. It is important to practice this yoga asana on an empty stomach or have a gap of at least 5 to 6 hours gap before your practice.

How to do Urdhva Mukha savasana?
It is the basic level of vinyasa yoga pose that is practiced under the beginner's yoga teacher training in Rishikesh program. To practice this yoga pose lie flat on the belly with your toes touching on the ground and arms resting on either side. Now bend your elbows and place your palms underneath your shoulder near your chest. As you inhale press your palm on the ground and lift your torso, hips and knee of the floor. Make sure that your body weight is evenly distributed over palms and on the top of your feet.

Your gaze should be straight and tilt your head slightly backwards, broaden your shoulder and keep your wrist and shoulders are in alignment. Don’t let your knees drop in and hold the pose for at least good 30 to 60 seconds and then release gently.

Although upward facing dog or Urdhva Mukha Savasana is an easy yoga poses to practice however if you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome or a certain back injury avoid practising this yoga pose. Also, pregnant women should refrain practising this pose.

If you are a beginner and if you are not able to relax your shoulder properly or you are hunching on your shoulder place a blanket below the top thigh. Press on this roll and place yoga blocks underneath your arms; this will provide support to your lower back and keep your shoulder aligned. Also, if you are facing some problem in gaining a proper alignment practice this yoga pose under the guidance of a certified yoga teacher under the best 200-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh program.

Benefits of Urdhva Mukha savasana

• Practicing urdhva mukha savasana regularly strengthens arms, shoulder, back muscles. If you practice correctly then it helps in alleviating lower back pain.
• It strengthens wrist and arms as it bears the whole body weights
• Practicing this yoga asana helps in relieving the problem of sciatica, mild depression and tension from the body. As it improves the blood circulation in the body and reduces the stiffness in the lower back where the body holds maximum tension.
• It gives a nice stretch to abdominal muscles especially lower abdominal muscles hence stimulates the internal organs and promotes healthy digestion
• It opens the chest muscles hence improves the capacity of lungs and induce the smooth flow of prana energy.
• It activates all the endocrines glands and gives the body a breath of freshness and alertness.
• It lengthens your spines hence improves the entire posture of the body.
• As Urdhva Mukha savasana enhance the capacity of lungs it helps in curing asthma to a certain extent.
• It is a great heart opener yoga pose hence makes you more compassionate and loving.

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