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Know Different Types of Pranayama and Benefits


Many people know the benefits of doing yoga and pranayama in daily routine. Oxygen is an important part of our daily life and inhaling the oxygen in the proper way will lead to health benefits and also keep away the various types of health issues. By doing pranayama, it will allow you to improve the lungs capacity and also relieve the stress from the mind. It will also eliminate the negative thoughts from the mind and make you happy. For learning the aspects of pranayama, you can join the Yoga Teacher Training in India where you know the benefits of doing pranayama and different types of pranayama and its health benefits. Doing pranayama in daily life will help in living a healthy life without any stress.

  • Shitali Pranayama: This pranayama means the cool which helps you to achieve the same. By this, it will allow you to eliminate the thoughts from the mind which are giving you the stress. For the effective results of this pranayama, you can take while doing the seated position in which is a comfortable position to practice this pranayama.
  • Ujjayi Pranayama: This is relaxing pranayama in this you have to mimic the sound of ocean and waves in the mouth. For doing this pranayama, you have to seat on the cross legs for the effective results. If you want effective results for your health, then you can practice this pranayama type for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Kapalabhati Pranayama: This is one of deeply pranayama technique. For doing this technique of pranayama, you have to sit comfortably in a while crossing your legs. Right after seating in a comfortable position, you have to start the inhaling and exhaling of the oxygen in the body deeply.

For more knowledge about the pranayama, you can join the Yoga Teacher Training in India program, which helps you in knowing the deep aspects of yoga. Doing pranayama is good for the health, and it will also allow you to take the health benefits by the regular practice of yoga.

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