Stress (3)

Did you know that yoga can really help you in managing stress, tension and anxiety? Recent studies from the University of Cambridge suggest that practising yoga asanas (postures) for 20 minutes per day have stress-releasing effect on both body and mind.

Especially if you have a demanding job, you might feel stressed out a lot. Stress can lead to negative thoughts and mental and physical disease.

Today we will share some useful postures, called the 5 Tibetans, to help you manage your stress level a

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Yoga meditation

Meditation is the key that unlocks the door to the Self.It is through meditation that we can experience oneness with the Universal Brahman and experience our Self as everyone and everything. Meditation is a fantastic tool in our yoga tool box along with asana which is used to prepare our body for long periods of sitting in Lotus pose. Asana is a body purifier and meditation is the mind purifier. It is through meditation that we can wash our minds clean by clearing out false impressions and negat

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Yoga means to yoke or "unite".
yoga unites our mind ,body & spirit into oneanother.
To gain peace of mind,concentration,serenity & yoga.
Its anti aging
balance the body either reduce weight or gain weight.
all internal organs revitalised.
built up stamina.
relieeves all muscular & joints pain.
sugar & B P controls.
hormonal imbalance.
peace of mind.
improves memory.
increases concentration.
new ideas.
an ability to cope with every type of sit

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