New Week- BREATHE please....

SO... right now, my friend, right now as you're reading this - take one moment of your life and breathe... take a deep breath in... and let it go. Again please, take a deep breath, and... let it go...really let go by exhaling deeply. Una mas... NOW please :-)Good, now bring to mind something that brings a smile to your soul... this only takes a moment, yes you can stop and do this :-)What ARE you passionate about? Bring to mind something that inspires you, right now, why wait?? What excites you and makes you feel good inside? A person? A project? An inner awakening? An event? A place? Whatever it is, just go to that feeling, how do you feel when thinking about it? Yes!! you DO have things you are excited about, and who cares what other people think is possible and not possible, they are not YOU - a glorious and unique creation, vitally important in this world, yes... you are that!Please approach this week with an absolute KNOWING in your heart, that you deserve success, peace, comfort and happiness! Your passion is your spiritual highest self calling out for your attention, don't ignore your calling. Make NO mistake: the world awaits your contribution.xoxoSolvei

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