New Week, let your light shine!!

Hi my friends,This week, please stay alert and look for the magic, and the synchronicity that life will bring you. Remember, you are so talented with SO much to offer the world. Don't you DARE put yourself down... ever! Don't you DARE believe you can't accomplish something you feel passionate about. When you say, "I can't", you are saying you know better than the universe. I don't believe you are as limited as you may tell yourself at times. Be open, my friend :-) Leave the door open a tiny crack for "I can"...I don't know... sometimes it seems we forget that we are souls having a physical experience. And our biggest blessings were never store bought, no, they were so generously installed within us. The biggest gifts don't have a price tag. Life is beautiful. Embrace being open to new paths this week, and then... Buckle your seat belt, we're going for a ride! Yeyhhhh!!!!!xoxoSolvei

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