Paths of Yoga

There are many different paths of Yoga. The various paths of yoga lead to the same point or source. All the paths of Yoga incorporate the same aim: Physical Health, Mental Peace and Higher Awareness.
The many variations of Yoga can broadly classified into five basic paths:
1-Hatha Yoga=The path of Balancing the Mental, Physical and Subtle (Pranic or bioplasmic) forces of the body. 2-Raja Yoga = the path of Introspection.
3-Bhakti Yoga= the path of Devotion.
4-Karma Yoga= the path of Activity.
5-Gyana Yoga= the path of Enquiry.
Any other paths of Yoga can be placed under these five paths.
Actually, it is best to practice all the paths of yoga to a certain extent, with an emphasis on the path that is in keeping with the predominant aspect of your personality. It is this path that should be followed with the most zeal, for it will be in accordance with your nature.

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