Slowing down...

Three days in nature, cooking on the fire, swimming nude in the cleanest river you can imagine, everything is in perfect harmony. In the city our senses get bombarded, and with the news telling us constantly how miserable the planet is, it can be blinding...blinding to the fact that great balance is found in large amounts of this world. Out there on the earth in a sleeping bag, everything works together, the birds are busy doing their thing, the spiders are busy working,the butterflies grace the sky with their exquisite colors, the snakes avoid you because humans freak out around them, and we forget sometimes we are just a SMALL part of the whole. We have so much to learn, things we don't see when we are rushing through life, but only get to see when we slow down...When we slow down, we bring quality to our lives, we create lasting memories. Being present and truly experiencing life in the moment, is what I will remember at the end of my life. I will remember the moments, when life stood still in complete beauty and harmony" I wont remember the "work deadline" I had. Let us make a decision to pay extra attention to the balance of nature this week, and know nature is our family, whether it is the house plant, or a flower pressing through a crack in the cement, or a beautiful field/forest. Nature is relentless, unstoppable. Isn't that GREAT to know... And since we are a part of nature, that means the life force within us TOO, is unstoppable.Live as if you're seeing everything for the first time!xoxoSolvei

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