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Lie down on your back and relax - this is what you have to do to benefit from this Video. You don't really have to watch - you can follow the instructions instead. Sukadev guides you into a Deep Relaxation Exercise called Bodyscan: You go through your whole body, thus relaxing all muscles, your organs and your mind. You can get new energy and inner balance. You can do this exercise as the Final Relaxation at the end of a Yoga Session. You can do it during Lunch Break instead of Siesta. You can do Yoga Relaxation for better sleep. Try it out - you will get new energy and inner peace. More Yoga Videos in our Yoga Vidya Yogi Community

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Comment by Yoga Vidya on June 15, 2015 at 1:28pm

Experience relaxation and peace of mind. Fina a collection of the best Yoga Vidya relaxation videos on our relaxation-video website.

(currently, only in German. Sorry!)


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