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I'm writing a book to help people get ready for meditation. Please help me by letting me know:
- Your physical problems with sitting
- if you are a teacher, problems you've noticed students having
- questions you have about sitting
- solutions you've found for all of the above.

with best wishes
Swami Saradananda

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Talas are weak chakras below the Muladhara. They are the home of various negative and dangerous universes and their inhabitants. They also are the home of the our worst and usual "sins" - lust, anger, greed, jealousy, amorality, lack of conscience, murder and torture, etc - because our egos keep us gravitating to those levels of dense consciousness.

Patient practice of meditation without expectation enables the person to resist the efforts of the ego to mire them in the dense consciousness of these lower chakras.

One of the initial goals of hatha yoga is to make joints flexible and muscles pliable so that prana is not obstructed and can flow more easily upward to the chakras above the Muladhara where spiritual wisdom does indeed lie. In addition, each asana focuses the consciousness on one of the higher chakras. Meditation and righteous living can pull prana upward to these higher chakras.
Great message !!!! Thanks :)
Hello Swami Saradananda,
my name is Heiner, I'm 59 years old and a yoga teacher since one year. I'm practising as an average about 2 hours everyday and try to meditate for 1/2 hour. I have had a lot of problems with sitting in a crossed leg position. I encountered mainly pain on my left side in particular in my knee and my thigh muscles next to my hip. For a long time I did not know the source of the problem. Just in a the last few weeks I made great progress. I visited with an "Osteopat" who found out that my sacral bone was blocked. As a cause he determined that my intestins were very hard and immobile. As a consequence of the blocked sacral bone and a blocked sacroiliac joint on my left side my spine had developed over the years scoliosis.
Now my body is changing in a dramatic way and it feels like a chain reaction. I feel like I am in a new body. I can now sit in a crossed leg position for half an hour without almost any pain.
Hi Heiner Koch,
I am having the same problem you had. I do yoga too. Is there any special yoga practices helped you to improve the problem? or it was because of Osteopat treatment?
Hi Sakthy,
I think my recuperation is a combination of my everyday Yoga practise, the Osteopat tratment and my psyschosomtic reactions.
In my Yoga practise which is normaly based on Sivananda Yoga I put in a lot of exercises from Yoga Therapy based on a book from Remo Rittiner called Das große Yoga Therapiebuch. I believe that based on my Yoga practise my body was ready to open up. The tonicity of my muscles in my bottom, my hip area, my upper and lower thighs has changed incredibly. This allows me now to sit very comfortably and the meditation experience is very different - I'm much calmer and ready to let myself indulge in the process.
Hi Heiner,
Thank you for your information. Good to hear that you are progressing well in meditation. Hope it happens to me as well soon :)
I am posting here one of my friend's problem as an after effect of meditation. Here is it "as a result of continues meditaion, often he gets a sudden break out of laughing out of his control with a vibration and fast pulsation in the stomack. He just lay down when the laughing start and in the end of laughing he get deap sleep. Some time he cannot work or think at all. and forget everything suddenly." This actions jet not stop even he stoped doing meitation since 8 months.Does any one heard about this kind of problem as an after effect of meditaion?
Spontaneous movements during meditation are not rare. They due to Prana flow being blocked.

Meditation is intended to raise and channel Prana and to release blockages to Prana in the Nadis and Chakras so that spiritual wisdom can be attained. If the blockages are not removed before the increased supply of Prana arrives then distracting problems can develop.

Often it is sufficient to remind oneself of this with the result that the interruption will subside on its own, for example, upper body swaying is frequent and the result of obstacles at the Muladhara (which, of course, is due to the influence of the Vitala, Talatala and Maha Talas that lie below the Muladhara). Noticing that one is swaying and mentally reorienting oneself so that the swaying is not happening is an easy solution. Unfortunately, some people confuse swaying as evidence of spiritual advancement and emphasize it or seek to create it. If one engages such effects of meditation, then one has ceased to mediate and is just playing ego games with oneself.

Remember, the ego does not want to be overcome. It will create tricks and illusions to divert the spiritual seeker from overcoming ego to attune Samadhi or non-dual consciousness.

Your friend's symptoms of laughing suggest blockages in the Vishuddha Chakra. The vibration in the stomach suggests a blockage in the Manipura Chakra.

We forget that the purpose of meditation is to bring us to Divine Consciousness BUT only after the ego has been conquered. Like all of us, your friend must focus on implementing the yamas and niyamas in the daily life so that ego, specialness, likes and dislikes, and negative attitudes are left behind. As that occurs, meditation becomes a voyage into the sublime instead of a descent into hell. Without purifying oneself, meditation only serves to bring Prana to the lower Talas below the Muladhara which intensifies immoral actions, thoughts and words. It is counterproductive.

The initial aim of meditation is not spiritual illumination but rather to bring Prana higher and higher so that the lower Talas are starved of Prana and cease to impact our lives. When this happens the Brahmadvara below the Muladhara closes and the Talas cease to direct our lives. This can be helped by practicing detachment and positive thinking in every aspect of our lives. Tratak can help to improve concentration.

Hello Sankar,
Thank you very much for your detail explanation. Is there any specific yoga or breething practice which you would recomand to remove those blockages he is facing? He tol that he also has a point within head an it is moving some time.

He should probably NOT be doing any Pranayama except for Anuloma Viloma. He should be practicing diaphragmic or abdominal breathing all the time.

The sequence of Sivananda Yoga is excellent for moving Prana and balancing Chakras. Tight joints and muscles impede the flow of Prana. Opening those joints and getting the muscles more flexible encourages Prana to flow upward away from the disruptive Talas. In addition, Chakras from the Muladhara to the Sahasrara are being balanced internally and in relation to each other by this asana sequence.

Your friend should also be paying strict attention daily to the other three of Swami Vishnu's Five Points - sattvic diet, positive thinking, proper rest (which includes inner peacefulness and not be focused just a Hatha Yoga practice.

Thank you very much Shankar


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