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I met a Yoga teacher in Varanasi who taught me the traditional asanas but been practising bhakti Yoga since 1985, Amma is also very dear to me. Not forgetting sri Chinmoy whom I own my life by following his instructions I became healthy again!

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I love Indian music especially the mantras.I believe that God is love and I try always to ask my self what would love do in a situation like this.I have an eight year old son and three cats.

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God inspires me


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  • hello ania
    i saw ura album.the photos r really wonderful.i like the photo most of a man in which u show the light breath through both nostrails.that is may be sushmana stage.this satge occures when a man in meditative stage.
  • dear, your godess durga mantra is perfect, dont change mantras in between otherwise you will loose the power of mantra. and you practice yoga of your own, how do you practice it, watching a vedio or reading book? its dangerious, always learn from a qualified guru. be in contact with me i will arrange a guru for you
    om shanti
  • Namaskar ;-) ... o no i didn`t but i would like i hve been in goa / vagator but he just left ... hope to see him on any time ! Will you visit his gig ??? You must ;-) love & light blessings & have a nice day ... Nadine
  • namaskar, nice to read that you are a Yoga Practicioner, my best wishes are with you,
    om shanti
  • Ania, thank you so much for the comment. A thing like that can make my day.
    I will return the courtesy. I just loaded a TON of stuff to
    can you go there? What were you reading that evoked Tolkien? That's
    a high compliment.
  • ... the shiva moon song from JP is one of my favorietes too ;-) love & light blessings Nadine
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