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Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda and Vedanta

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Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers - Swami Vishnudevananda, Swami Sivananda.

More about me:

Born in Guyana to a family of Indian ancestry and raised mostly in the United States, Chitra Sukhu grew up in the many Sivananda Ashrams scattered around the world. Sukhu has practiced yoga and meditation daily since the tender age of three. Sukhu now continues the distinguished legacy of her parents' life's work in the field she grew up with. Sukhu's mother, Leela Mata travels the world teaching ayurveda, yoga, Vedanta philosophy and meditation. Her father, Yogi Hari, a Master of Hatha, Raja, and Nada Yoga who is well known and respected around the world as a competent and inspiring teacher, has an ashram in Florida and has published over 20 CDs, and 3 books. Sukhu is currently working on a yoga video for children, and has her diploma in Ayurvedic Sciences from the American Institute of Ayurveda. Sukhu is an accomplished Indian classical dancer in the ancient style of Bharata Natyam. She lives in Los Angeles with her two children, an eleven year old girl and a fourteen year old boy.


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  • hi, how are you?nice to meet you
    loves and regards
  • Hi Chitra,

    Thanks forinviting me. You have a fascinating webbsite and must have had an interesting life too growing up in the Sivananda ashrams. I have worked with your mother and father on various retreats and gained a lot from their energy and presence. It's wonderful to see that you are following the family tradition in yoga and service.

    Wishing you joy and fulfillment on your journey

    Om Shanti
  • Namaste Chitra, I enjoy your blogs very much, thank you for posting such profound discussions. Have a great day!
  • dear chitra, its nice to read and know about you.
  • Namaste Chitra,

    Thank you for the invitation, I'm looking forward to sharing...

    Om Namah Shivaya
  • Ohm Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya

    Thank you for being my friend here at this common platform for Ayurverda and Yoga. it is a good initiative from Yoga Vidya. My heartfelt compliments to Sukadev ji and Shivakami ji.

    Chitra ji, with this of mine I send kindest greetings to you, your family and Leela Mata ji.

    Jai Ayurveda
  • Thank you for being my first friend here. I am just finding my way around. What a nice surprise to meet someone living so close here in cyber space.
    Love and peace
  • Om Namo Bhagavate Sivanandaya
    Blessed Chitra,
    thank you for being here. Thank you for sharing these Videos. Thank you for being so active here.
    All the best,
    Om Shanti
    Love, Sukadev
  • Namaste Chitra,
    Thank you for joining. Loving greetings to Playa del Rey.

    Here on you can find Yogis and Yoginis from the whole world, watch Videos, listen to Mantra Music, discuss in the forums, share photos, exchange opinions, become a member of a Yoga group. And please invite others you know.
    Benefit from the wealth of Yoga Information here, contribute to it and share it with others.

    I wish you lots of inspiration.

    Om shanti
    Webteam Yoga Vidya

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