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This Website can be of tremendeous help for beginning Yoga students.
The easiest way to start with Yoga, if there is no Yoga teacher available, is using a Video.

First start by the Complete Beginners Video
Practice with this video for a while.
Then continue with advanced beginners
Afterwards you go to
then to
and to
and finally to

Take 1-8 weeks (depending on your physical condition) for each of the
video. It is best to practice once a day - but you can also practice
every 2 or three days.
I wish you lots of joy in your practice.

If you have questions, please ask here in the forum

Here is the first of the Videos (you can have it in full-screen-mode, you can download it, too, on Vimeo):

Yoga for Complete Beginners - Yoga Class 20 Minutes from Yoga Vidya on Vimeo.

Yoga for Complete Beginners - Yoga Class 20 Minutes from Yoga Vidya on Vimeo.

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Thank you so mucho for this
yo soy anandaa....
Excellent video. Thanks
good. extraordinary.
Good job! excellent,thank you so much!
I am a beginner, soon to leave for India, I will take your advise and look at the videos you suggest, however I would also like to involve myself in a center, I will be visiting the South for around 5 months  and would dearly love to find somewhere to spend the time needed to discover this beautiful tradition, Can you help me, thanking you in advance. A

Thank you so much! It is really an incredible site!

I love this video! Even though I am not as flexible as I would like to be, I have felt so much better physically & mentally after doing this class.

I am beginner but after doing this video I am relaxed and with new energy. I love this video

nice video
I have joined Yoga Teacher Training In India It is a good platform to me start the yogic journey where i'll learn the basic. get the benefits of yoga, it’s a way to achieve physical and mental fitness.

Thank you for sharing this video for us. I want to know if this video can be practice for a woman that is pregnant.
Good day

Thank you so much... good work :)

Yoga is the natural way to stay happy, healthy and stress free. It is the best home exercises you can do around the house.

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