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Lower Back Yoga Nidra yoga

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Sivananda Yoga - Swami Sivananda & Swami Vishnudevananda Yoga Vidya - Sukadev Nidra Yoga - Andre Riehl

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I started teaching lower back yoga at our center over 14 years ago to just a few students. Now over 200 people attend these classes weekly. It's so popular, I have created an online video version where people can take a 7-day free trial at www.lowerbackyoga.com.

My Favorite Quote/What inspires me:

Don't change a thing. Just live what you live more intensely. - André Riehl



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Why I want to join this Yoga Community my.yoga-vidya.org

To spread the word how yoga can fully resolve people's back problems.

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  • Namasté Fredric, great to be in contact. Congratulation for the work that you and André Riehl are doing in yoga and yoga nidra. Expanding consciousness will make the world a better place for all.
    It’s great that you have able to understood Italian, is not an international language, however is in my projects to do an English and Spanish versions of the website.
    My approach to yoga nidra started in Argentina and then in Chile more than ten years ago, my teachers have been Yaquinao Guash and Eric Manquez, following the methodology of Swami Shivananda and Swami Satyananada. I keep studying this methodology in regard to modern precognitive psychology and the ancient nyasa techniques. Yoga Nidra has become part of my daily teaching a great way to get in touch with our true nature.
    Thank you for sending me the youtube link to André Riehl.
    Om Tat Sat
  • Namasté Fredric....I teach yoga nidra too....I have just come out with yoga nidra practice if you want check my website www.umbertoassandri.com but is only in IT....www.umbertoassandri.com
    Om Tat Sat
  • Om Om Om
    Thank you for your note on my comment wall. "Facebook of the Yogis" - sounds good :-)
    May be you want to open a Luxembourg group here?
    Om Shanti, all the best, Sukadev
  • Om Frederic Shankara,
    great to have you here!
    I wish you all the best - and a lot of inspiration here.
    Hope to see you in person soon - until then, I will see you here...

    Om shanti

  • Namaste Fredric,
    Thank you for joining. Loving greetings to Luxembourg.

    Here on my.yoga-vidya.org you can find Yogis and Yoginis from the whole world, watch Videos, listen to Mantra Music, discuss in the forums, share photos, exchange opinions, become a member of a Yoga group. And please invite others you know.
    Benefit from the wealth of Yoga Information here, contribute to it and share it with others.

    I wish you lots of inspiration.

    Om shanti
    Webteam Yoga Vidya

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