San Francisco, CA

I ...

... am a Yoga Practicioner, ... am a Yoga Teacher, ... am a Yoga Therapist, ... live in a Yoga Center or Ashram, ... am an Ayurveda specialist/consultant/practicioner

I am an expert in the following areas: contains videos YOU TUBE & a Blog full of good stuff. I am one of the highest certified Bodyworker in North America.

My Yoga tradition/style/center, Yoga practice, Yoga Master/s, Teacher/s

Swami Sivananda, Swami Vishnudevananda Look at resume page. I've taught everywhere. I love all the different Yoga community's.

More about me:

Siddha Vaidya is 17,000 years old. My Teacher/Doctor's family has been practicing for 900 years. My Japanese Teacher's Family named Mochizuki has been the Acupuncture & Bodyworker for the Emperor & his family for 240 years.

My Favorite Quote/What inspires me:

Swami Vishnudevananda said to me 30 years ago, " Serve those in front of you, one at a time." It's been a wild 30 years, I'm very happy to have Swami Vishnudevananda as my Guru in my life.


Blog or favorite Yoga Website:


I get people out of pain.

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  • Om Namo Narayanaya
    Blessed Gopal,
    Happy Birthday to you!
    May the Lord bless you.
    May Swamiji's grace guide you always.

    Om Shanti
  • Swami Vishnu-devananda chants Om Tryambakam for your birthday.
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  • Thanks for the friendship request.
    Peace and joy!
    Shree Laxmi
  • 130764079_2fca2fcda6_s.jpg Hi ! Thanks for the request... glad to accept ! :o)

    Hope you have good times ahead,

  • I see... , I actually went and checked your homepage and watch some of the videos.

    Keep me posted on your activity for next june - who knows I might be able to come over. At least I will think about it.

    It was nice to meet you here Gregg if I have not mentioned it yet.

    Take care now ... of to bed as I am ;)
    its getting late here.

  • Hi Gregg,
    thanks for you comment on my wall. I am at present not teaching because I am in a meditation phase. Are you having workshops on a continuis bases?

    I also have to mention that I live in Stockholm Sweden.
  • I read the piece that you posted on suicide and feel compelled to comment as there is so much judgment in labelling it as a sin. People who commit suicide are obviously in a very troubled state, many times due to chemical imbalances in their brain. Someone who is chemically balanced does not contemplate killing themselves. To judge the action of someone who commits suicide and label it as a great sin and go even further to imply that perhaps they will continue to be troubled in their next life as a result is not useful. God sees the heart of everyone and has Infinite Love and Compassion. Food for thought...blessings to all.
  • Glad to meet you here Gregg. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge with us here.

    Love and peace
  • Nice to meet you. I live in Japan and teach a beginners yoga class here. Yoga therapy is becoming popular there is a YIC course connected to swami Vivekenanda here in Japan that I attended. Where does you Japanese master live? Shiatsu training to be a practioner is also so expensive here. I appreciate your videos.
    peace to all
    om shanti
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