Kirtipur, Kathmandu

I ...

... am a Yoga Practicioner

I am an expert in the following areas:

I am a Kriyayogi and a spiritual practitioner with pure Veda Mantra and Tantra way. Offer spiritual healing with mantra, fortune teller advice on spiritual knowledge, Kriyayoga and its functions. Believe in Mantra Sadhana. Started writing a book in 2008 about Kriyayoga, have been writing songs, hymn etc.

My Yoga tradition/style/center, Yoga practice, Yoga Master/s, Teacher/s

It is all about my Sadgurudev Bhagwadpad Parampujya Swamy Nikhileshworananda Maharaj Ji through him only I am able to speak about kriyayoga and understand spiritual power etc. Now I can say to the mass that spiritual sadhana, mantra sadhana and yoga really works if a Sadgurudev blesses

More about me:

I ma just a Disciple of My Sadgurudev Bhagwadpad Parampujya Swami Nikhileshwroananda Maharaj Ji and want to do my guru sewa with the knowledge and power I received from him. I am nothing but a small drop of Ocean water.

My Favorite Quote/What inspires me:

Nothing is mine, it is all your Sadgurudev Nikhileshwora. Guru Bless is only ( Guru Kripa hi kewalam) A Hindi quote" Mujje mita sake jamane me dam nahi, Jamana hum se hai jamane se hum nahi. (The society has no power and cannot destroy me as I am not belong the society yet the society stand by me.) from the mouth of my sadgurudev



I am a grihastha sanyasi.

Why I want to join this Yoga Community

I wish to establish Gurusewa Ashram to the entire world wherever it is possible for extending the true knowledge I experienced and I welcome to all who wish to join and receive such divine spiritual power so that they can live the life happily.

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  • Thank you so much

    om om om

  • Thanks, Y wish the same for you
  • Dear Gurubrother, i attach a photo of my self now
  • " Be Good 7 Do Good." That's enough. Send to your disciples.
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  • Namaste Yogi jee,
    Thank U 4 U r detailed description on My discussion.I felt immense pleasure in the depth of My heart to here that this medicament was told to shakthi parvathi devi by Lord Shiva.Thank U once again.


    Here on you can find Yogis and Yoginis from the whole world, watch Videos, listen to Mantra Music, discuss in the forums, share photos, exchange opinions, become a member of a Yoga group. And please invite others you know.
    Benefit from the wealth of Yoga Information here, contribute to it and share it with others.
    Om Shanti, Kalipriya
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