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  • The opposition of Jesus and the Catholic Church

    Jesus risked his life at that time for his attitude, and he was in opposition and tension with the established power. The Catholic Church, on the other hand, who consider themselves the representatives of Jesus, is not in tension and struggle with the established powers. This can be seen from the fact that presidents and kings came to the funeral service of Pope Joseph Ratzinger. The church did not reject power. Jesus did, however! He rejected the worldly power! I left the church because dogmas have nothing to do with life and nothing to do with spiritual growth. The church is something external. For most believers it is a support and comfort. Otherwise they would find themselves in despair. Personally, I prefer it - to remain in despair and ignorance, and not to take refuge in a dogmatic doctrine imposed from the outside. I would like to remain a seeker.

  • A life without ideals is like a ship adrift in the sea.

  • Namasté Peter Siegfried,
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