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... am a Yoga Practicioner

I am an expert in the following areas:

Spiritual healing, EFT, Vermam healing, Acupressure etc

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  • Dear Satheesh,
    Thank U for your kind reply.
  • i m not a profeshnal in yoga but i like yoga too much , i do it daily early in the morning.....
  • hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  • Hi.... I have been practising yoga for almost 5 years. There are many yoga studios in Indonesia. I live in jakarta.....have u been to indonesia or plan to visit?
  • Dear Satheesh,
    Thanks, In human cells, Glucose which is the fuel for generating energy, should be mixed with oxygen & combusted at Mitochondria like energy production in an engine of a car where petrol( fuel) mixed with oxygen & to be burnt. So it is the glucose in human cells and not the oxygen is the ultimate fuel.
    with regards - K.Sakthidasan
  • I do hatha yoga I've practeced for 10 years and have been teaching for 2 years. And you?
  • Dear brother Satheesh,

    I'm happy to submit the following regarding Ur query to me.First of all, according to the evolutionary theory, U know, Human beings are the most advanced animals in the earth.His entire body & all systems had been adopted to the present environment. In ancient times man hunted animals & ate raw foods for his living.As with advancing evolution he practiced cooking habit.What is the purpose of cooking foods?
    In herbivorous animals like cattle,their Digestive system is designed in such a way that they can digest & assimilate plants& leaves.Their entire digestive tract is habitated with Bacterias that help in the digestive process.whereas in human the last part of the digestive system - the large intestine is habitat ed with bacteria which help digestion of some food.Therefore it is necessary for the foods to be cooked before it is consumed if U want to get the real benefit out of them.Fruits like Banana ,Papaya are easily digestible & are absorbed in the small intestine where major part of the digestion & absorption take place.Hence If U eat vegetables un cooked most of them will pass into the large bowel undigested & U looses their nutritional values. So U r desire to eat cooked foods seems to be justifiable. Another interesting thing is fasting at least once in a month (Giving rest to U r digestive system) would bring U much health.
    with best wishes - K.Sakthidasan
  • om nama shiva
    hari om bahiji
  • thanks
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