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"Pumpkin seeds have long been valued as an important natural food for men’s health."
May 30, 2020
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May 30, 2020

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shair yoga vidya


‘Guru-The Guiding Light’
“To light a candle one needs another burning candle; in the same way those who are unenlightened need the help of an illumined guru.”
------Swami Sivananda
The Sanskrit word guru means ’remover of darkness and ignorance’. It is a negative term in that it does not say that the guru gives you anything, only that he removes something. He removes the mental blocks and obstacles that prevent the spontaneous effulgence of the light of truth. The guru’s role is to remove the veil, the ignorance, the preconceived ideas and mental conditioning that prevent the already existing light from shining through.
The means adopted by the guru varies greatly. It can be by personal instruction, by inspiring his followers, by rebuking his disciples for actions which are not in accordance with their nature and by guiding disciples so that their action are appropriate to their own physical and mental make-up. But whatever the method used, the aim is the same: higher awareness.
The Guru is an essential part of life. His role is the essence of all mystical systems. This essence is the light of the guru. It is he who opens the disciple’s eyes to the impossible.
There is a special day in India, the day of the full moon in the month of Ashadha (July), which is traditionally called ‘Guru Poornima’. On this day disciples pay homage to the guru, whether mentally from a distance or by their physical presence. At the same time the guru remembers his own guru.
In a personal relationship between a guru and a disciple, the guru by virtue of his higher awareness can clearly see the mental blocks that the disciple himself cannot see. He takes steps to help the disciple remove them, by any means that are suitable and justified. The guru supplies the strength, which makes progress possible in spiritual life, and the divine love, which makes it so rewarding and joyful.
The guru's individuality as a human being is just one tiny aspect of his being. His personality is a perfect and pure instrument of the infinite, though which unlimited power flows unceasingly to the world around him.
“Life is as fickle as water dripping from the lotus leaf. The world is devoured by disease and egoism. Everything is drowned in sorrow. Remember this well!” --- Adi Guru Shankaracharya.

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Posted on August 18, 2013 at 3:41pm 3 Comments


In Yoga it is said that each person has a fixed number of breaths allocated to him. If one breathes slowly then one will live longer, for the number of breaths is allocated for the lifetime; if one breathes rapidly the given number of breaths are used up more quickly resulting in a shorter life span. Whether you accept this idea or not, there is nevertheless a great deal of truth in it. A fast breathing rate is associated with tension, fear, worry, etc.which tends…



Posted on July 21, 2013 at 12:19pm 0 Comments


The word bandha, means ‘to hold, tighten’ or ‘lock’, and this exactly describes the physical action necessary to perform these practices. Specific parts of the body are gently yet powerfully contracted and tightened.

The physical contraction or lock in turn has an extensive influence on the psychic body (pranic body). The flow of prana that continuously streams through our subtle body is redirected and even stopped. This has direct influences on the mind. The…



Posted on April 8, 2013 at 4:00pm 0 Comments

A person who is reasonably relaxed and sitting inhales and exhales approximately half a liter of air (this is called tidal volume in physiology) at a time. Now if that same person expanded his chest and abdomen to the maximum that is possible and thereby drew more air into the lungs, it would be possible for him to draw in approximately an extra two liters. This is over and above the normal half liter that can be inhaled. This extra volume of air that can be inhaled is known as the…


Paths of Yoga

Posted on April 7, 2013 at 8:36am 1 Comment

There are many different paths of Yoga. The various paths of yoga lead to the same point or source. All the paths of Yoga incorporate the same aim: Physical Health, Mental Peace and Higher Awareness.

The many variations of Yoga can broadly classified into five basic paths:

1-Hatha Yoga=The path of Balancing the Mental, Physical and Subtle (Pranic or bioplasmic) forces of the body. 2-Raja Yoga = the path of Introspection.

3-Bhakti Yoga= the path of Devotion.



Comment Wall (5 comments)

At 1:23pm on July 11, 2012, ☼ रवि Ravidas ☼ said…

Namaste Dr. Raj,
Thank you for joining. Loving greetings to Bangkok.

Here on you can find Yogis and Yoginis from the whole world, watch Videos, listen to Mantra Music, discuss in the forums, share photos, exchange opinions, become a member of a Yoga group. And please invite others you know.
Benefit from the wealth of Yoga Information here, contribute to it and share it with others.

I wish you lots of inspiration.

Om shanti
Webteam Yoga Vidya

At 10:00am on May 22, 2013, ☼ रवि Ravidas ☼ said…

Hallo Dr. Raj,

happy birthday to you.

May your wildest dreams come true.

Om shanti
Eduard - Member of Yoga Vidya e. V. Webteam

At 10:45am on May 22, 2014, ☼ रवि Ravidas ☼ said…

Namasté Dr. Raj,

happy birthday to you.

May your wildest dreams come true.

Om shanti
Ravidas - Member of Yoga Vidya e. V. Webteam

At 2:18pm on May 22, 2016, Chandra Devi said…

Namaste Dr.Raj Kumar Rai,

Happy Birthday to you.

May the light of this auspicious day bring love and everlasting peace to your life and soul.

Om Shanti
Sarah - Member of Yoga Vidya e.V. Socialmedia Team

At 5:15am on May 22, 2017, Omkara said…

Namasté Dr.Raj Kumar Rai,

Happy Birthday to you.

May the light of this auspicious day bring health, love and everlasting peace to your life, body and soul.

Om Shanti
Omkara - Member of Yoga Vidya e.V. Socialmedia Team

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