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Yoga Teacher Training Tips

Yoga teacher training is a powerful and transformative process. It can be challenging, though, and it's easy to rush through it to get on with your life. But rushing the process makes it more challenging to let go of all your expectations about what yoga is supposed to be, what you are supposed to look like (or not) in class, and who your students are or aren't.

However, if you take care of yourself during yoga teacher training, the experience will be much easier on both body and mind—which means

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Best Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India

Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh, India as confident teachers with a strong and solid teaching skill set ready to begin their career in the world of Yoga.
Yoga Teacher Training in India at Arogya Yoga School as confident teachers with strong and solid teaching skills, ready to start their career in yoga. They develop a unique art of teaching along with a comprehensive understanding of asana, pranayama, shatkarma, alignment, ayurveda, philosop

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10778228452?profile=RESIZE_710x“If you have health, you probably will be happy, and if you have health and happiness, you have the wealth you need’’

Today’s Living 

We live in a time where a large portion of the population is seen struggling to find balance in their busy lives. The COVID-19 pandemic has no doubt fueled this situation. The rising health issues are alarming. A new most talked about but not cured health concern is an auto-immune disorder. 

A little about the auto-immune disorders

An autoimmune disorder is a conditi

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Yoga Teacher Training Course in Goa, India

Shivoham Yoga School is a leading yoga school in Goa currently offering several courses on yoga teacher training including 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training in India.

The best part of this yoga school is that all courses are affiliated by Yoga Alliance USA, Yoga Alliance UK, Yoga Alliance Inter-national. So if you enrol for any of these 200 hour yoga teacher traning courses in this yoga school in Goa , you can be assured o

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‘My kid is just 4 years old & already knows how to surf youtube’! How do you find this sentence?

A moment of pride or concern? ‘My child never goes to sleep without first watching a tv show or movie’!

Do you have this type of complaint?

Both the questions might have their own answers but what they hold in common is one parallel factor and that is the Digital Age, its countless boons yet some bothering influences. Needless to mention why and how the digital age is the ‘new needed age’, however, w

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Covid-19 has definitely caused a totally negative impact on social hugging due to restrictions of keeping away a 2-meter distance for staying safe from viral infections. Furthermore, the frequent lockdowns have resulted in serious Social isolation & loneliness raising the level of stress leading to depression & ill health. Social, community or public hugging or embracing could continue to face disruptions off & on because i

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The Yoga retreat in India is now becoming one of the most trending wellness destinations for people who are looking for complete mental and physical well-being. 

Yoga therapy has been used for many years now to heal people from both mental and physical ailments. The ancient Indian system of Ayurveda, which is based on the balance of body, mind, and soul, complements the healing power of yoga therapy.

A retreat is not just a place in the woods, isolated from the noise of the city. It is an experien

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Mental health cannot be a destination. It is a process, a journey. It is just like the way you drive and not where you go. You, me, and everybody else needs to set up this process and keep following it.

Defining mental illness differently-

Mental illness is actually a physical illness of the brain that causes disturbances in thinking, behavior, energy, or emotion making it difficult for the patient to cope with the ordinary demands of life. However, there are researches being conducted to uncover

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Online Vedic Astrology Course

9737735064?profile=RESIZE_400xJoin us for Online Vedic Astrology Course

Course Eligibility
Basic understanding of English is required as our course material is in English only. Classes will be conducted online, so student must have a computer with webcam and good internet connection. 
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Covid-19 has created havoc, confusion, uncertainty, & loneliness resulting in psychological disturbance, physical harm, stress, anxiety, fear, frustration, & anger


MILLIONS OF PEOPLE have been exposed to painful experiences of various degrees including many sudden deaths.


Extreme social & economic restrictions & aggressive measures such as lockdown, vaccination, testing, tracing, isolating, & treating are some of the ways being tried for prevention & protect

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Yoga Nidra online

Yoga Nidra helps us to open the deep doors of the mind, which can help us to, develop memory, increase knowledge and creativity or transform one’s nature.
Join our one week online Yoga Nidra course -
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Ayurveda Retreat in Rishikesh

Yan Cure Ayurvedic and Naturopathy retreat center is located in Rishikesh , We have beautiful center in Rishikesh . Where Yan Cure runs many types of retreats throughout the years.

YanCure provides Disease based Treatment and gives naturopath, panchakarma and other ayurvedic treatment after doctor consultation at yancure Yoga Retreat Rishikesh.

Retreats is not only about staying and travel but much more than that, Retreats helps you to come out of any past problems (depressions), helps to restore

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Yoga Therapy for Bronchitis

What is yoga therapy?

Yoga therapy is a form of the practice of yoga. Yoga therapy is a little different from yoga in the sense that it does not require the participant to undergo any kind of intensive workout sessions to see change. Yoga therapy is usually very problem-focused and works on providing relaxation to the individual.

Yoga therapy is mainly used in cases where the problem is very specific and is becoming a very famous form of treatment. Today, many well-known schools offer courses that

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Online Vedic Astrology Course

Indian Palmistry Institute offers Online Vedic Astrology Course combine of Vedic astrology and KP astrology. If you are new in the field of astrology then you must start from the Advanced Vedic Astrology Course. This will lay a strong foundation for your astrological learning. This course you can attend only after learning Vedic astrology. This is an advance course for serious learners. Professional KP Astrology Online gives capacity for really making correct predictions of all kind of queries.

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Things You Should Expect on a Yoga Retreat

Sometimes, a little break is necessary to perceive things from a different angle. Similar is with yoga practice. A little time on a yoga retreat is enough to enhance and deepen the yoga practice. Furthermore, it gives an opportunity to practice yoga in the company to world-renowned masters.

However, to ensure you make get the most out of a yoga retreat, it is important to know what can you expect from it. There is so much more than on mat yoga practice on a yoga retreat. Let’s first understand wh

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Download Wellness is a massage therapy facility that allows you to relax, recharge, and renew yourself through quality bodywork. Massage therapy reduces body pain and promotes relaxation so you feel like your best self after your appointment!


We pride ourselves on being consistent as you download by pairing you with the best practitioner who will work with you towards your wellness goals and be there for you every step of the way.


To get massage deals and updates about what's new at Download Wel

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In this age of smartphones and laptops, spending hours staring into digital screens has become a normal routine. Owing to this, you might suffer from numerous eye vision problems which worsen with time and age. Some vision problems you might experience include difficulty with distinguishing colours, and problems with focusing on an object. It is why you should include yoga for eye vision in your daily routine.


Yoga experts recommend you should take the appropriate steps to deal with any vision-r

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Whether you are a new yoga teacher or planning to become one, there is always something new to know about this sacred art. When you plan to become a yoga teacher, there is a lot you have to learn and practice. From understanding the Sanskrit language, yoga asana sequence, to building yourself as a brand, it might be a bit overwhelming for you. It is why you should enroll in a certified yoga teacher training course to learn all these skills.

With that said, there are a few things that you should k

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Yoga, the ancient art of uniting your body and mind has helped millions unlock their true self. This ancient art has transitioned to a global phenomenon owing to its numerous benefits. Daily yoga practice offers you benefits including decreased risk of mental and physical health problems. Add to that, there are a variety of yoga styles like Hatha, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga among others. One of these is the chakra yoga for beginners that helps you dive deeper into your being.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word

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