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Mudras (continued)

Mudras are hand positions that seal the psychic energies into specific channels. They are powerful spiritual tools that can enable you to receive and transmit energy more efficiently. Mudras aid you in the purification of your physical, mental and psychic bodies. Perhaps the best known mudra is “Namaskar” , which symbolises "I salute the divinity within you".

In Indian philosophy, your body is viewed as being made up of five elements, with each of your five fingers representing one element:


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Tools for meditation: Mandala-Yantra

Mystical diagrams, stylized geometric projections of the world

Mandala: circular symbolic representations of both universal and personal forces; they do not always represent a deity.Instead, they are symbolic compositions of energy patterns that are more powerful than pictures.

Mandalas are tools that draw energy from outer world and direct it to the inner. According to Carl Jung,they represent the unconscious self.

Tibetan Buddhist monks create mandala sand paintings in times of stress, danger and

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How to Meditate - Guide to meditation

Swami Venkatesananda, disciple of Swami Sivananda wrote the following instruction for Meditation:

So many textbooks are available on meditation nowadays that everyone hassome idea of what it is all about. In brief, meditation is the most wonderful adventure: ‘Discovery of self’. Meditation enables us to enjoy consciously the peace, happiness and revitalisation that we unconsciously have in sleep. Meditation lifts us above the cares and anxieties of our daily life, it enables us to overcome our

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Tools for Meditation: mudras

Your body is a subtle and powerful antenna that is continually receiving energy and also transmitting it. Mantra, mudra and mandala are three types of powerful spiritual tools that assist you in purifying your physical, mental and psychic bodies.

With regular practice, these methods sharpen and expand your spiritual wisdom. They help you to restore balance within the microcosm and bring it into harmony with the macrocosm. They support your meditation practice and aid you in finding inner peace.

  • Ma
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Yantras and Mandalas


I'm just getting ready for my talk on Friday at the College of Psychic Studies in South Kensington. The topic "Yantras, visual tools that help you to enhance your meditation practice.

Yantras help you to transform your patterns of mind intohabits of thought that will bring about the results that you desire. You can use yantras to bring about deep healing. They are active energy systems that can assist you in deflecting negative energies and maintaining internal harmony.

Yantras are best underst
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Kerala Ayurveda Academy

I am writing to share with everyone a tremendous source of free content on the internet. Our page has educational videos, articles, and learning tools that you may find helpful and useful. You will be able to view educational videos of our Ayurvedic classes by visiting. To visit the website simply click on:http://www.ayurvedaacademy.comThank you for your time!Enjoy!
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2010... YES!!!

Hello my beautiful souls!Happy new year (a little late, but better late than never), and let me assure you, this year is going to bring much encouragement, hope, forward motion, drive, positivity and you will need all your strength, your health, your positivity, to move with the flow of this AMAZING year.The "stuck" energy of 2009 is over ~ full blast forward.Let us together now, make a decision to be kind, to be helpful to others, to trust that we are enough, we have enough, and that we know en
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This unusual article by Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh was originally published in Bhavan’s Journal in May of 1959

It would be easy to dismiss the question by saying: “Yes, after a prolonged period of intense austerities and meditation, while I was living in Swargashram, and when I had the darshan of a number of maharshis and their blessings, the Lord appeared before me in the form of Sri Krishna.”

But that would not be the whole truth, nor a sufficient answer to a question relating to God, who is i

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Slowing down...

Three days in nature, cooking on the fire, swimming nude in the cleanest river you can imagine, everything is in perfect harmony. In the city our senses get bombarded, and with the news telling us constantly how miserable the planet is, it can be blinding...blinding to the fact that great balance is found in large amounts of this world. Out there on the earth in a sleeping bag, everything works together, the birds are busy doing their thing, the spiders are busy working,the butterflies grace the
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New Week, let your light shine!!

Hi my friends,This week, please stay alert and look for the magic, and the synchronicity that life will bring you. Remember, you are so talented with SO much to offer the world. Don't you DARE put yourself down... ever! Don't you DARE believe you can't accomplish something you feel passionate about. When you say, "I can't", you are saying you know better than the universe. I don't believe you are as limited as you may tell yourself at times. Be open, my friend :-) Leave the door open a tiny crac
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Hello beautiful souls

How are you today? Feeling good? Whatever you are experiencing... it will pass. Yes, time washes us down this eventful river of life, and the key is to be fully present, as we travel. And where is is our emotional state while traveling? Are we creating a higher, vibrant life today or are we digging a hole of anger and frustration?If we only knew the POWER of our emotions, our feelings set the tone for our future. I've had some crappy days, and it is not easy, shifting my misery fest into one of
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The Fundamental Waves of the Mind

A unique interpretation of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras is on the Atma Jyoti Blog, in a commentary by Swami Nirmalananda Giri. This article delineates the fundamental vrittis, or waves, of the mind. Here is an excerpt below:

"However, there is a whole other way of looking at these modifications, and that is held by both Vyasa and Shankara. It interprets klishta and aklishta as “tainted by the kleshas” and “untainted by the kleshas.” The kleshas are: ignorance, egotism, attractions and repulsions tow

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A commentary on the following verse from Patanjali's Yoga Sutras at the Atma Jyoti Blog:
Yoga Sutra 1:3. Then the Seer [Drashta] is established in his own essential and fundamental nature [Swarupa].

From Swami Nirmalananda's commentary: "Self-forgetfulness is the root of all our problems, the essence of samsara itself. Consciousness (chaitanya) is our essential nature. When asked what the Self is, Sri Ramakrishna simply answered: “The witness of the mind.” We are the seer of our individual life

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The beginning, middle, and end of yoga texts is the Yoga Darshan (Yoga Sutras) of Patanjali. It stands alone as the sole authority on yoga outside the Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita.

At the Atma Jyoti Blog, Swami Nirmalananda Giri has begun a commentary on Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. This commentary is based not only on his own experience and studies, but on the writings of Vyasa and Shankara, perhaps the most qualified writers on this subject. I. K. Taimni, author of the Science of Yoga, is also a

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Holiday~Winter Solstice~Reflection

Blessings to you all, my wonderful souls, wherever you are at this very moment reading this, I urge you to look around you. Find something that pleases the eye and flood what ever or whomever it is, with love and appreciation. We never know where we will be tomorrow. Life has many surprises, appreciate when you can, wherever you can. Love, is the word, Love is what this time on this earth requires and hungers for more than anything else. Compassion, understanding... Use your gifts, your talents
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Having determined our goal, the next problem before us is to find out means for the realization of the object. Sages and teachers have elaborately dealt with the subject. They have laid down various forms of practices or 'Sadhanas', helpful for the attainment of what they put forth as the final goal. But for the realization of God, the Indeterminate Absolute or Para Brahma we have to adopt means, which lead us to the complete negation. Our goal of life, as discussed in the previous chapter is th
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Prayer For March 1

Show me the way, Lord.I am always your student.I am always in love with you.I am always willing to change myselfto follow the deepest promptingsthat you have planted in my heart.Show me not the answer,show me the right questionsto ask. Show me what is rightand I will try as best I canto do it. I will fail, often.If I ask for something that does not help me,show me the error, and lead me to thatwhich helps me.Show me how to love, Lord.Many things pose as love;how do I sort my way through all the
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When he was nine years old, Garuvel Nep Zing discoveredthat he could disappear. He was sitting in a white gazebo on the family estate.It was hidden by tall thin evergreens to the rear of the Great House, at the end of a long sloping lawn. Garuvel treasured this spot for its remoteness from the prying eyes of his family and the family’s servants. Little finches nested in the stately spires, and Garuvel watched them land and disappear twittering inside the moistaromatic branches. Occasionally he a
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